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It’s Been Months (or Years) Since You Started

Your Therapy Practice, but You’re Still Overwhelmed

by the Chaos of Running a Business.

It’s Been Months (or Years) Since You Started

Your Therapy Practice, but You’re Still Overwhelmed by the Chaos of Running a Business.

When you opened your practice, you imagined a life where you would:

  • Do what you love on your own schedule (4 clients a day, out the door by 5pm),

  • Have complete control over your environment (comfy seating, no shared walls, and definitely no loud ticking clocks)

  • Slow down without having to answer to anyone else.

However, the reality feels more like overwhelm, shame, and constant scatter-brain.

Oh, and don’t forget about those 3,000 unread emails...

This Leaves You...

  • Always feeling behind. You are starting to make mistakes, miss deadlines, and forget important tasks. Your professional chaos is bleeding into your personal life.

  • Double booking clients because your calendar is overflowing or stressed with yet another no-show that threatens your bottom line.

  • Frustrated when clients try to push your limits (but then trapped in a catch 22: regret when you bend your boundaries & guilt when you hold firm).

  • Losing money (yikes)! because you owe late fees for missed bills & you don’t know which clients owe what.

You’ve (secretly) wondered if you’re

cut out for this work.

Let’s be honest: you regularly daydream about turning in your therapist hat and finding a retail job instead.

Guess what? You’re not alone (I can 100% promise you that). I was daydreaming about giving up just a few years ago! And now I work with other therapists who are overwhelmed, filled with shame, and feel like no one gets it.

"Liz has a way of making you feel instantly comfortable and cared for. I truly felt as if I was being heard as she attuned to my unique needs and gently guided me to action steps in bite-sized manageable pieces. I'm grateful for her assistance in helping me to achieve some projects that had been on my to-do list for over a year."

E.S., LMHC | Vancouver, WA

I’ve created a clear methodology (geared toward highly Sensitive Therapists but appreciated by all) with a three-fold goal:


Allow yourself to grieve the fact that your systems and business model will probably look very different than your friends’ and colleagues’. Understand (and quiet) the internal blocks that are making it impossible to feel confident in your work as a Sensitive Therapist.


Acknowledge that you get to make decisions about your business- including adding streamlined systems to keep your physical, digital, and emotional clutter contained so that you can work smarter not harder.


Accept support when it comes to creating a sustainable business! This includes being part of a supportive community because, as you know, we heal & thrive in connection.

Right Now...

You might be caught in those self-defeating thoughts & avoidant behaviors that look something like this:

If I just do a little MORE each day, maaaaaybe I'll finally catch up.

[But how can I do more when I'm already burning myself out?]

I have to have to stick to my schedule and not say “yes” just because someone asks.

[But what if they get mad at me?]

I just need to think more positively.

[But I have no energy left after I see multiple clients in a day.]

If that sounds a little something like your self-talk these days, it’s a sign that you SHOULD NOT do this by yourself.

Which is exactly why you need support from someone who truly gets it.

Meet Liz! Fellow therapist and Systems + Mindset Clini-Coach®.

I help therapists solve their systems + mindset challenges so they can gain more time, flexibility, & freedom in their practices-- and lives!

As a risk-averse and easily- overwhelmed introverted Highly Sensitive perfectionist (try saying that 5 times fast)! I know what it’s like to be stuck in fear and overcome with shame. I’ve been there.


After a traumatic experience in my Private Practice, I was left:


Frozen & shaken to my very core .


Questioning myself as a clinician.


Unable to create a sustainable business.

One could say my practice was a failure.

At the time, it felt like one.

Looking back, it was the greatest gift of my career.

I was able to pause, reflect, and finally acknowledge that something had to change.

I wanted to be a clinician AND I wanted to be a business owner- but I didn’t feel confident in either role.

It took 3 years to admit that owning a Private Practice was not for me…

which has allowed me to thrive as a clinician outside of private practice and grow Organize and Thrive to support YOU.

That’s why I’m so passionate about this work.

I don’t ever want you to feel alone (again) in your pain.

"Liz is the organizational QUEEN. You can’t help but better your practice and your life with her intuitive knowledge of organization, systems, & human behavior. She’s an authentic and generous organizational bad-ass that’s ready to turn your life from HOT MESS to HOT SHIT!”

Arianna Smith, MA, LPC | Denver, CO

If you’re daydreaming about a practice with less stress and more satisfaction... it might be time to join:

Organize + Thrive Academy for Therapists

Where Passion + Purpose Meets Productivity

I created this supportive COURSE + COMMUNITY to help you work through mindset barriers, feel connected to other therapists, create a real plan for change, and simplify all the systems in your practice.


  • Make small changes that will save you TONS of money, energy, and time

  • Learn time-management and organizational systems that work for your individual personality, learning style, and unique business

  • Tame the shame of having a practice that looks different than other therapists’ by embracing your strengths & sensitivities, and

  • Create effective and efficient systems that you can continue to use for years!

Let’s help you operate your practice from a place of confidence rather than fear.

It’s time to create a more balanced life and begin making adjustments and setting boundaries to preserve your precious time and energy.

By joining the Organize + Thrive Academy you will...

  • Feel more settled and grounded in your business, which will have a domino effect on your clients, your relationships, and your health & well-being.

  • Have a new appreciation for yourself and your business.

  • Have the opportunity to connect with other HSTs and feel empowered to set limits and boundaries related to your sensitivity.

But Liz, I have so much going on that I don’t think I have time to commit to a program!

Trust me - I hear you! If you truly don’t have time right now, hopefully we can connect in the future. But if you’re willing to set aside a few hours each week for YOU and your business- and are ready to feel like a whole new person on the other side of 10 weeks- keep scrolling to learn more!

What’s included in the program?

  • 10 weeks of content based on my BAM/ AHA/ SYSTEMS model (wondering what on Earth that means? Keep reading…!)

  • 10 weeks of LIVE small group calls where I’ll virtually hold your hand to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. You’ll end the call feeling 100% sure of the effective systems in your private practice.

  • A private FB community to get support from other therapists in the program.

  • ... PLUS videos, cheat sheets, and inside access to my organizational systems that are NOT available anywhere else!

Let’s help you operate your practice from a place of confidence rather than fear.


  • Barriers

  • And

  • Mindset

A self-reflection of your relationship with imposter syndrome, fear, overwhelm, perfectionism, comparison to others, boundaries, being highly sensitive (if applicable), and other factors & personal history that impact your organization and attention span. There will be plenty of opportunities to reflect independently as well as with me and the other members.


  • Assessment

  • Hopes & Goals

  • Action Plan

A detailed self-assessment to find out your organizational strengths and areas of improvement so we can create an action plan that fits your PERSONALITY, LEARNING STYLE, and UNIQUE BUSINESS.


  • Schedule

  • Your Business Documents

  • Shortcuts & Scripts

  • Time Management

  • Efficient Client Onboarding

  • Money Management

  • Simplify & Organize

We will do a deep-dive into all 7 of these essential systems that are needed to have an efficient private practice!

Here are all the details:


The Academy will run from Monday, January 10 through Friday, March 18 2022. We will have a weekly 1-hour group coaching call on Wednesdays (1/12/22 through 3/16/22) at 1pm PST/ 2pm MST/ 3pm CST/ 4pm EST.

[Please note: there will NOT be a call on 1/26. It will be moved to Sunday 1/30/22 at 4pm PST/ 5pm MST/ 6pm CST/ 7pm EST].

During coaching calls, I will answer pre-submitted questions and then we'll have time for live questions if there's time. Don't worry if you have to miss it- there will be recordings available!


After you join the Organize + Thrive Academy, you will be invited to join the exclusive Facebook Group for members only!

Even though the Academy doesn't officially start until January 10, it doesn't mean we can't start getting to know each other!

This will be a place to ask questions, share what's working (and what's not), and connect with the other group members. I strive to create safe, supportive communities full of support.


What happens after you decide to join? I'll tell you alllll the details:

1. On the next page, after you enter your basic details, you'll have the option to pay in full ($1497) of choose 3 payments of $525 (due now, in 30 days, and 60 days from now).

2. I will send you a contract to sign that outlines all of the terms. If you want to see a copy before you commit, simply send an email to!

3. You get to sit back, relax, and know that you're in very good hands! See you soon!

Additional BONUSES:

  • BONUS: Full access to 2021 Time, Flexibility, & Freedom Summit Recordings!
  • BONUS: Opportunities to earn 1:1 and small group coaching calls after you hit program milestones!
  • BONUS: 10 pre-written (customizable) email templates to send to clients & colleagues
  • BONUS: Editable list of Liz's email & dropbox folders to save you time creating your folders!

"I appreciate Liz’s expertise, sensitivity, and ability to support me with issues that contribute to my organizational challenges. I appreciate that she effectively supports me with having more ease in doing my private practice and making progress with goals that matter to me. I have found Liz to be trustworthy and skillful. I am very grateful for all her support."

Paula B.

BAM: barriers & mindset materials

AHA: assessment/ plan materials

SYSTEMS: deep dive into 7 systems in your private practice


BONUS: indefinite summit access!

bonus earn 1:1 check-ins with liz for meeting program milestones

Value $197

Value $197



Value $997

Value $797



Total Value: $7,482

Regular Price: $1497

You have two choices . . .

you can

Stay where you are...

Keep feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and isolated...

or Join the Academy!

Join a safe and supportive community of therapists!

I can't WAIT to welcome you into the Organize + Thrive Academy!


How much does the program cost? Why should I invest?

The 10-week program is $1497. You can pay in full, 3 monthly installments of $525, or 4 monthly installments of $397. . I know that sounds like (and IS) a lot of money, so breaking it down to less than $150/week makes it not-so-scary. That’s 1-2 client sessions per week. That’s it!

If you could temporarily take on 1 more client, it would cover the cost of this program. But better yet, consider that investing in 10 weeks with me means that you could SAVE at 2, 3, even 5 hours a week(!!) depending on your chaos level.

My #1 goal is YOUR success. This program IS going to make your life easier. Any questions or concerns about the investment, please reach out and we’ll talk more.

Do I have to have a Private Practice?

You will get the most out of this program if you have a solo private practice. However, If you are looking for individual support, learn more about my VIP days & packages! If the program isn’t a fit for you, consider my individual services.

How are materials delivered and what is the time commitment?

I will provide weekly content inside your membership area, 10 live group coaching calls, and suggested homework; however, there is no grade for the course so it’s really up to you to decide how much time to spend! (I would suggest a minimum of 2-3 hours per week). There will be weekly group calls and if you are unavailable, you can catch the replay in the group! The more you put into the program during the 10 weeks, the more you will get out of it!

I'm worried about being in a group setting- I don’t want to be judged.

Almost every therapist I’ve worked with (individually and/or in a group) has at one point or another disclosed how completely isolated, alone, and ashamed they felt by their level of disorganization.

The reason we all feel so isolated is because we don’t talk about it. There are a lot of unsafe therapist groups out there. This is not one of them. I know it can feel vulnerable to open up to a group of strangers, but nothing is more important to me than the safety and comfort of our members.

I also know (and I know you know, too) that we heal in relationships and grow in connection with others. The Organize + Thrive Academy is going to teach you new skills, but more importantly, you will be [virtually] surrounded by other sensitive, empathic, high-achieving therapists who are feeling the exact same way as you.

Add me to the Organize + Thrive Academy Waitlist!