Quick Fix Consultation

Quick-fix consults are tailored to the individual needs of your personality, learning style, and business. I will virtually hold your hand through the process of setting up a system, updating forms, or working through a specific organizational challenge.

We will focus on 1 specific challenge

in this 90-minute zoom call.

Together, we can accomplish 1 of the following:

  • Organize paper files
  • Organize electronic files on your computer, dropbox, or google drive
  • Securely back up your electronic files
  • Transition from paper files to an EHR
  • Track your finances
  • Customize progress note, assessment, and/or treatment plan templates
  • Create a workflow for admin tasks
  • Clean out your email inbox
  • Break down big goals into smaller, manageable parts
  • Adjust your time management system and daily/ weekly schedule
  • Create spreadsheets for tracking clients/ phone calls/ referrals/ income, etc.
  • …and anything else related to organizing your biz!

I will [virtually] hold your hand during the process of creating new systems or simplifying your old ones.

Each Consultation Includes:

Individualized Attention

You will have 100% of my attention & customized support. We will create or revamp 1 organizational system to minimize your stress and maximize your time!

Zoom session

Zoom, a very simple video program, will allow us to see each other, share screens, and easily create systems or documents together to meet your needs!

Notes to keep forever

You don’t have to worry about a thing during the consultation except showing up. I will send you detailed notes and a session recording within 24 hours.

Expertise from a fellow therapist

I am a LCSW and have been a business owner since 2016 (S-Corp, DBA, and LLCs). I love creating organizational systems for myself and for other clinicians!

Choose what we focus on

Choose from the list above or anything else that has become a stumbling block in your business. I will follow your lead and let you choose which topic is most important to you!

I'm Ready to Get Organized!

Looking for something more long term?