VIP Days

coaching + consultation

You're an overwhelmed

therapist who is:

  • Constantly frazzled, overwhelmed, and in over your head

  • Losing important documents because you don't have a system to organize your paper or electronic files.

  • Trying (but unsuccessfully) managing your growing email inbox and to-do lists.

  • Double booking clients because your calendar is a hot mess.

  • Having enough difficulty getting to sessions on time, let alone remembering to return emails and voicemails!

You are ready to:

  • Streamline your systems to save time, money, & energy.

  • Have someone hold you accountable to accomplish your organizational goals (in a gentle, supportive way... not like a drill sergeant)

  • Do the work to strengthen the organization foundation of your practice.

  • Make a commitment to yourself and your business!

Whether you choose a 1-time VIP Day or the

3 or 6 month package, Liz will help you:

  • TAME the SHAME that comes with clutter and disorganization.

  • Get out of that constant state of chaos/ clutter/ catch-up mode.

  • Learn organizational strategies that you can continue to use for years.

  • Free up time and mental space to focus on what you do best: your clinical work as a therapist.

Each VIP Day/ Package Includes:


Together, we will create a customized roadmap for our journey together and have a clear vision of our VIP day!


3-hour coworking session where Liz will (virtually) hold your hand through creating or updating your system.


Liz will update a running google document after each session with the Zoom recording + detailed notes.


Email Support

Up to 4 back-and-forth email exchanges per month (1, 3, or 6 months depending on package)